Yo, Adrian!

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NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Adrian Peterson #28...

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Six months after his major knee injury and resulting surgery, Adrian Peterson is dusting his teammates in sprints, and hitting running and cutting drills with no residual pain.  Local reporters are pushing the positivity regarding Peterson’s status on week 1, but Tom Pelissero wrote that Peterson may actually start the season by playing second fiddle to Toby Gerhart.

The key word to fantasy owners is “start”.  Let’s assume a rather optimistic position, and say that Peterson recovers and is back to 100% by week 3.  Is he worth your first draft pick, or a high salary, to you as a fantasy owner?  How far are you willing to go for AP?

In my opinion, I’m taking Marshawn Lynch, Trent Richardson, and DeMarco Murray over AP this year, assuming that they would cost me the same salary or draft spot. I don’t think he’s quite the “black-plague” that other fantasy writers are making him out to be, but I’m also not going to go spend 20% of my salary cap on him either.


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